The glass, the glass and more glass

The glass appeared in my life in 2012, during a mother-son activity. Activity that has reactivated my creativity dormant for too long. Since then, glass, in the form of stained glass or glass fusion, is part of my life.
Native and resident of the Nord-du-Qu├ębec region, I evolve in my art, sometimes moving for formations, but mainly through my research and my essays.

My passion for this medium allows me to use my inspiration, my creativity and my manual skills to create works that resemble me.

Using drawing and glass, I am inspired by animals, birds, natural materials as well as child's drawings, simple and expressive. I do not hesitate to use the drawings of my little girls to create new models. The light passing through the glass and the brilliance of the metal fascinate and charm me. Welding, by its work of unification of glasses and its multiple decorative effects serves me to "amplify" the reliefs of a work.

All my stained glass works were created with the Tiffany technique. My inspiration evolves throughout the process of drawing the sketch, the creation of the pattern and its manufacture. The first image, the pattern of the creation is often very different from the finished work. .
This medium often allows me to give life to a broken or unused object, to make a decorative or practical artistic work.
From the "friendly plastic" used in the 1990 years to fashion jewelry, through drawings in glass cabochons, glass cut and melted at high temperatures today, the creation of jewelry returns to haunt me sporadically.
A jewel comes to life when worn, when it highlights an event, a symbol or a feeling, it becomes valuable, regardless of the material used. All these opportunities to enhance it offer me a multitude of possibilities. The surprises that the glass reserves for me, when it is melted, fused, allow me to satisfy my need to always join the assembly of my jewels, a piece coming entirely from my inspiration and creates from my hands. I chose the stainless steel, in the majority of montages of my jewels, for its anti-oxidation and hypoallergenic properties.
The practice of mandala drawing fills my need for relaxation and meditation. I like symbols, shapes and colors, for their property and meaning. Words and expressions have a great influence on my life. With research and creativity, I draw mandalas for coloring and thematic mandalas.
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